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The commercial audit is the first step to making your building more energy efficient if you want to save money, increase asset values, lower ownership costs, and create a more environmentally friendly structure. It is a straightforward process, so you should get merger and acquisition services. Then, an auditor will come on board and look at energy consumption data to make an assessment.

The energy used in commercial buildings is a significant operating expense. Usually, one-third of operating expenses consist of energy consumption. That's why having an energy audit at your commercial facility is very important. If you are commercial building will become more energy efficient, you will reap more benefits of reduced operating expenses and an increase in property asset values and profits.

The following factors will be examined if you will take due to Legend services.

  • Utility Bills that also include past bills

  • Calculate equipment performance and runtime

  • Onsite survey of property

  • Review current operating schedules

  • Review the condition of the building envelope

After checking all these factors, an energy auditor will help you recommend cost-effective solutions to maximize the functionality of your building.

There are many benefits if you get your energy audit done at your commercial building. The most significant impact of it will be to reduce the operating expenses financially. To get the help of an energy audit, you must review the auditor's recommendations. Hire the best energy auditor in your area. Contacting our company can significantly benefit you if you live in UAE, Iraq, or Baghdad. We provide the best merger and acquisition services in town because our team has experts in each field of Investment. For your company's best business growth, contact us. After the completion of an energy audit, the operation of the building will benefit and become more operationally efficient and modernized. Energy audits will also help the environment to reduce carbon emissions. To fully enjoy all the benefits, you should follow all the auditor's recommendations.

If your organization needs an audit because of industry regulations or other stakeholders or potential investors required, it should be a manageable experience. Here at INEXA, how is she first-hand how an audit is beneficial because it allows you to improve your company or brand? Following are the significant benefits you can get from your energy audit.


An Independence verification is provided by an audit that gives information about financial statements if they are accurate or fair representations of the organization's current situation. This provides confidence and credibility to your company's customers or clients.

Business Improvements or system improvement

An in-depth audit looks at your organization's internal controls and Systems. It means it is an ideal opportunity for the auditing experts to suggest improvements to improve your business or brand. With the help of an audit process, many ways to improve business systems' internal controls, accounting practices, governance, efficiencies, and culture can be identified.


One of the main results of conducting an audit is meeting your industry's statutory needs and regulations. And all that gives complete peace of mind for shareholders or business owners that the organization is 100% compliant with its current statuary obligations.

Detect and prevent fraud.

It is estimated that almost 30% of business is subject to error, fraud, and corruption. Workplace fraud can present for years without detection, and many companies will never recover financially. Getting an audit done can be an effective tool for identifying fraud or opportunities to commit fraud by your team.

Experienced auditors are perfectionists at pinpointing weaknesses in an organization's control and Systems basis in different ways to strengthen the company so that you can prevent fraud from occurring. There are many other benefits of commercial audit and evaluation that include,

  • Operational efficiency

  • Identifying weaknesses and strengths

  • Risk mitigation

  • Financial health assessment

  • Improvement of internal controls

  • Investor and creditor confidence

  • Benchmarking

  • Quality improving

  • Performance measurement

  • Better planning and budgeting

By analyzing financial statements, the audit confirms the accuracy of the organization's financial statements. This process is very detailed and can result in specific types of income, assets, expenditures, and liabilities being scrutinized. This is a critical examination coupled with auditors' financial expertise, which business owners can use for better financial planning, financial decision-making, and budgeting for the future. Contact a trustworthy organization and get onsite due diligence services to get all the benefits.

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